About Me

DSC00207So this is me – Vicki Bowles, wife, mother of four, author of My Unintended.

I love rock music, and one band in particular. They inspired me to write My Unintended.

My poor long-suffering husband bought me an electronic drum kit for my 40th Birthday, which I think he may now regret. But I love it!

I love reading – my biggest and first inspiration is Jilly Cooper. She is the Bonkbuster Queen.


I’ve always loved making up stories. My first flush of success came when I was at school. I had written a story about  Mrs Hedgehog, and my teacher was enthralled. She showcased it to the whole class, much to my embarrassment. The main reason for it’s success was my use of punctuation – including “Speech Marks”!  I did wonder what all the fuss was about – after all, all the books I read had “Speech Marks”. But at least it meant I was being singled out for something good – not like when my picture was used as an example of how not to colour the sky (yes, I did the childish thing of blue stripe across the top of the page, green stripe at the bottom for the grass, and a lovely white area to represent the air).

I wrote quite a few stories; including some about one where I went accidentally back in time with my friend to the big San Francisco Earthquake (it wasn’t very good). Then when I was 19, and at a loose end having split up from my first boyfriend, I started on a fantasy novel called “Heartstone”, bashing it out on an old electronic typewriter that someone had been throwing away (with good reason – the amount of paper I wasted on that bloody thing…).

One day I may even finish it.

All was quiet on the literary front for several years, as I worked, got married, lost my sister (another story) and had four fabulous children. Then last year, my midlife crisis happened, the result of which is My Unintended. Some of the main character’s (Tabitha) experiences are mine, but the majority are not and have come from my “sick and twisted” imagination. I must point out, for my husband’s sake, that he is nothing like Rupert.

Being impatient as I am, I thought that this book-writing lark would be instant. I finished it, sent it off to the first agent on my list, and waiting expectantly for their email the very next day, telling me how fabulous it is and how they are so excited to have found the next Jilly Cooper.

Doesn’t happen, like that does it? Unless you are very talented.

So in the meantime I got tired of waiting, as I sent it off to various agents, getting the usual response of “thanks but it’s not for us.” So I self-published on Amazon. And now I have to promote it. And write the sequel. And go to work every day and deal with the kids and every day life (made a hell of a lot easier by such an understanding husband – thank you Andrew  *mwah!*

And I’ll just keep on waiting.




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