Snowed in For Christmas by Claire Sandy

Snowed in For Christmas

Asta’s plane touches down in Ireland as the first flakes of snow begin to settle. As the weather worsens, it turns what should be a flying visit into a snowed-in Yuletide with her chaotic family.

Asta fled her childhood village years ago, with a secret hidden deep within her. That secret is now a feisty sixteen-year-old – Kitty – who’s keen to meet her long-lost relatives. It seems there are many family mysteries waiting to be unwrapped, along with the presents under the tree…

Missing the man she left behind in London, yet drawn to a man she meets in Ireland, Asta is caught in an emotional snowstorm.

Maybe this Christmas Asta will find a cure for her long-broken heart?

I’m not known for my generous Christmas Spirit… unless it’s found in a bottle of Gin (I’m not really an alcoholic. I’m not.). The mass commercialisation of the ‘holiday’ season (ugh how I hate the Americanism – it’s bloody Christmas!) saddens me, articles screaming about the perfect Christmas Dinner (which I’ll cook without all the palaver of making my own Pigs in Blankets); the perfect presents to buy (if you have got an endless budget) and the happy family get-togethers (it’s always us who does the hosting). I’m not a total Grinch. I even dressed up as Mother Christmas at work (‘Ho bloody Ho!’) for the Secret Santa rigmarole.

So I’ve never been particularly drawn to reading Christmas novels, fearing that reading them would send my blood glucose levels soaring to dangerous levels, but when one of my newly-discovered favourite authors published hers, I was (begrudgingly) enticed…

Argh and I’m so glad I read Snowed in at Christmas, so I am! Heart-warming without being sickly sweet, there’s a bite to the story that prevents it from being slush (pun intended). I was so fully immersed in the Looney family I started going round talking with an Oirish accent (which really annoyed my Irish friend) and made me really really want to go and live in a pub in a tiny Irish village.

I loved the feisty Asta, who travels home reluctantly for a story for her boss, who she is in love with. Secrets unfold as we get to know the aptly-named Looney family. It’s full of colourful characters, from the hard-working Mammy of the family, to the smooth brother-in-law, and a very sexy priest. Not to mention the mysterious outsider who threatens to wreak havoc with Asta’s emotions…

OK Claire, you won me over!



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