The Book of You by Claire Kendall

Bloody hell this book was good! I only have time to read when I go to bed, and I read into the early hours. Then I dreamt about it. THAT’S how good it is.

Clarissa is being stalked by a guy she made the mistake of chatting to one night. now he won’t leave her alone.

She thinks she’ll be safe when she is called for jury service, but Rafe won’t take no for an answer. Clarissa is determined to go to the police but she knows she needs to get enough evidence so that she will be believed.

She is an amazing character – vulnerable and scared like any one would. But Clarissa shows strength and bravery, in facing up to her adversary.

Rafe is the perfect stalker: manipulative and clever, and creepy beyond belief. His sick games are truly terrifying.

Everything that happens in the story could happen in real life – just hope to God it doesn’t happen to you!


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