A spoonful of sugar…

…makes my blood glucose sky high.

I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with Child No. 4, which put paid to any thoughts of another home birth as I was classed as ‘High Risk’. I had to be induced at 38 weeks, finally gave birth at 39 weeks (little bugger was too happy doing somersaults in my overstretched womb) and the diabetes and need to inject insulin went away – for a little while at least.

That final pregnancy – for there will be no more, I assure you – left me with the legacy of high blood pressure and a high risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes in the future.

The doctor’s prophecy came true about 3-4 years ago (my poor pregnancy brain has never recovered), when a routine blood test revealed high levels of glucose in my blood. Dammit!  After various tests it was agreed that I could manage the condition through diet alone, with monitoring. Luckily I was advised not to test my glucose every day, as I would get obsessed about it. I had regular tests, and was doing fine (even though I was constantly battling with my weight).

Then a few weeks ago another blood test revealed anomalies, and I had to repeat the test. That, unfortunately for me, revealed high levels of glucose over the last three months. I hadn’t done anything different with my diet (still battling with my weight), the nurse assured me it was a progressive, chronic condition which has, obviously, progressed.

BASTARD disease!  I wasn’t born with it, not like people who are born with Type 1; I haven’t had to inject myself with insulin, or avoid sugar and cakes and everything nice all my life, only ever had minor hypos when I was pregnant. I have, through being overweight and enjoying too much of a good thing, in a way, brought it on myself. So I feel guilty for being a fat bastard who cannot control their appetite, willpower or weight. It’s self-inflicted.

I’m not at the insulin stage yet – we are trying Metformin tablets to start with. Yet more pills that make my NHS pre-paid prescription card worth its weight in gold. I currently pay £104 per year for this card; if I paid for each prescription individually, I would be paying around £50 a month (and that’s just for my regular meds – high blood pressure, statins, anti-depressants etc).

And obviously I have now seriously got to look at my diet. I stopped going to Slimming World cos (a) I didn’t see the point of paying £5 a week to lose 1 lb one week then put on 2lb the next; (b) it was taking precious time out of my day and (c) I am inherently lazy.

But this is getting serious. I NEED to do something, and I need to do it now. I cannot rely on the tablets alone. The Husband is terrified I am going to end up losing a foot; frankly I am more concerned with damaging my kidneys or going blind.

From what I can tell from the leaflets and the Diabetes UK website, I need to have a healthy balanced diet, which means watching my carbs. But I love potatoes, pasta, bread… and I was bulking out any Slimming World recipes with mountains of potato and pasta. DAMMIT! Still, I love my kidneys/eyes/feet more.

So it started in earnest yesterday. For dinner I had roasted vegetables and tuna steaks, with a little olive oil, lime juice and sweet chilli sauce (I’ve heard chilli is good for the metabolism). Breakfast wasn’t the best today, I have to admit – but it was granary toast, not white. Then lunch I had a protein packed lunch with more chilli. Plus I can feel the Metformin working its magic already – a certain side-effect has made itself know after two doses, causing me to run to the bathroom – sorry if TMI, but at least it should help with the weight loss!

And that dirty word – Exercise *shudder*. Well, I’m working on that one…


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