Book review:The Cherry Tree Cafe by Heidi Swain

I have been looking forward to reading this ever since meeting Heidi at the Books and the City Creative Writing Masterclass. They Cherry Tree Cafe was chosen from hundreds on BATC’S #ONEDAY Submission last year.  Along with some fantastic friends we made on the course, we’ve watched Heidi go from Zero to Hero (in our eyes, anyway!).

I was a little anxious about reading her book. What if I hated it? Or found it boring? Arts and Crafts are quite a big theme – I’m useless at all that, it really doesn’t float my boat. I have two left hands.

Silly me – I needn’t have worried. It is fabulous!

Heidi has created some wonderful characters;  Lizzie Dixon, who wavers between her new (old) life at The Cherry Tree Cafe and her old (new) life with her city slicker fiancé, where he is set on moulding her to be the perfect accessory.

Jemma and Tom do their best to help Lizzie; along with her childhood crush, Ben, whose original charm has lost its sparkle.

Lizzie does have something in common with Ben – they both have nightmare mothers. It’s intriguing to watch how events change the dynamics in the various relationships throughout the story.

I might even consider getting out my old cross- stitching kit…


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