Jera’s Jamboree : Interview Nicky Wells ~ Romance that rocks your world

Interview with the brilliant Nicky Wells, my secret Mentor (secret as in she doesn’t realise how much of an inspiration she is!)

Who hasn’t had a consuming crush on a celebrity?

After writing my own novel, My Unintended, I thought I had better read some similar books, just to check I wasn’t totally barking up the wrong tree. Nicky’s books were by far the best of the bunch I read, and since following her on Twitter and and Facebook and generally “stalking” her as all good fans do, I’ve benefited from her invaluable wisdom.

I cannot wait to read her new book, Fallen for Rock.

Jera’s Jamboree : Interview Nicky Wells ~ Romance that rocks your world.

Shameless plug for My Unintended; buy it now here

And if you haven’t already, you absolutely HAVE to buy Nicky’s books, available here

In the words of Nicky herself, ROCK ON!



  1. OMG Vicki! Wow! I had no idea! You got me blushing here. A red-hot all over body flush. I don’t think I’ve been anyone’s writing mentor before, secret or otherwise. I’m honoured and humbled that you should think so highly of my writing, and thank you very much for the big shoutout! 🙂

    I’d like to return the compliment, by the way. You know how much I enjoyed My Unintended, and you made me think about heat levels in my own writing… So it’s a mutual thing, this mentoring. ROCK ON, and thanks again. Folks, if you haven’t yet–check out Vicki’s debut novel, you’ll love it!

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