And so it begins…

So here it is. my first blog.

Who knew there was so much involved in being a writer? I started writing my book on 29th October 2012, two days after seeing the most amazing band on the planet at the O2 Arena in London.

It started off like many stories do; as a piece of fan-fiction. After reading other writer’s stories, I felt compelled to write my own, but found my mind creating all sorts of scenarios involving me and my favourite band.

My husband asked me what I was writing, and it was then I thought “Uh-oh”. I am a married mother of four, facing her 40th birthday after all; not some love-struck teenager in the first throes of a passionate crush. Except that was how I was acting.

He was wanting to read it, to know what it was that had me so fervently typing away on my laptop, generally eschewing all our usual nightly TV Shows (being parents of four young children means we were a slave to our TV). So I had to change some details in my writing, and began to think “this could actually be a book!  I can write a book!” I had started writing a book, a fantasy novel, years and years ago, but never got very far. It is still unfinished. Who knows – maybe one day I will finish it. But not yet – I got too much of Tabitha’s story in me to do anything else.

And so My Unintended was born. The story of Tabitha, an unsatisfied mother of one (I told you I had to change some details!), who is tired of being neglected and constantly put down by her arrogant husband Rupert. During a visit with her son Zach a kids’ soft play centre; she gets involved in an altercation between a snooty UberBitch Mother and a father who is there with his young son. Tab is shocked when she recognises the man as none other than Matthew Tennant, the singer in her favourite rock band Toxic Entropy (I know – what a dreamer I am, eh?).

Tab and Matt hit it off instantly, but find themselves having to fight the growing attraction between them. Tabs is married, after all, and Matt is engaged to a superhot and superskinny American pop singer. And superhot and superskinny Tab is not, as Rupert keeps telling her.

When she’s introduced to the rest of the band, she’s delighted to be be welcomed into the fold, and ends up working for them. As her confidence is boosted, could this be Tab’s chance to make something of herself?

My Unintended took me three months to write, initially. I have to confess, I did neglect my family. Although I sat in the living room with them whilst I was writing, I wasn’t actually with them. I was away in Tab’s world, along with Matt and Jonny. So for that I am sorry.

Then I uploaded the chapters to, a brilliant community for writers set up by Harper Collins, where the amount of support and advice exchanged is incredible! With the various friends I made on the site, I was able to edit My Unintended and get constructive criticism. And I got a pretty amazing book cover design out of it too – thanks Ben Warren!

And so started the Agent Hunting, Begging, Pleading… After not much luck (a near miss with one, who loved My Unintended, read the whole manuscript but then decided that it was too similar to one she had just signed with – damnit!) finding one who was willing to take it on, I decided to take the plunge and self-publish on Amazon.

Of course it’s not as simple as just uploading it to Amazon, is it? No, without an agent, publicist or indeed publisher, it’s down to you as the author to get your book out there. I’ve become obsessed with Twitter, finding it a usual and invaluable marketing tool. It’s a great way of connecting with fellow authors, bloggers and book reviewers. Which then led me to realise that yes, I do in fact need a blog.

So here it is, my first attempt. So forgive me if it’s crap. And feel free to contact me either via the form, or Facebook or my current social media of choice, Twitter.

And to steal the song title from my favourite band who I am unapologetically obsessed with (and inspired by):

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